dinosaurio animatronic fábrica de vestuario

caminando títere de dinosaurio


caminando títere de dinosaurio caminando títere de dinosaurio caminando títere de dinosaurio caminando títere de dinosaurio

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walking dinosaur puppet

walking dinosaur puppet,walking dinsoaur costume,walking dinsoaur suit

walking dinosaur puppet will be not only limited in museum or park!! Now they will be around you everywhere!!!

 You will see them in school to paly with chirldren. Or you will see them to entertain clients when you shopping in mall.
Or when you walking in a park!!!

Name  :  dinosaur costume velociraptor
Size  :  1.length:4.3m 2.ordinary manufactured size
Color :  Color is optional 
Materials  :
1.inner:High quality stainless steel
2.outside:High density sponge 40 degree (middle) and 3-4 layers silicone rubber 
Movements   :  Basic:
 1. mouth open and close with synchronized sound,
 2. eyes blinking,
 3. head moving up and down,right to left,
 4. neck moving up and down, right to left,
 5. tail moving.
 6. front arms moving(Bipedal).
 7. walking 
Sounds  :  Dinosaur's roaring sound or custom other sound
Skin treatment  :  According to the principle of modern simulation, skin texture and color processing
Operate mode  :  hand control
Accessories :
1.a magephone which teacher used                                      
2.a 2M memory card for voice                                                     
3.a stretch pants                                                                                       
4.a seat belt                                                                                   
5.frame for surpporting the costume
Certificate   :  CE & ISO9001
Guarantee   :   24 months
Temperature & Weather :
1.Temperature: adapt to a temperature of -20° C to 40 ° C
2.Weather: approved for rain, sunshine, snow or worse weather
Package   :   Air case for choose
Payment  :  L/C, T/T, Western Union, Escrow, One-touch etc.


walking dinosaur puppet,dinosaur suit,dinsoaur puppet,realistic dinosaur costume

Products progresses:


Drawing > material preparation> frame welding --antirust processing > backing laying (sponge) >
shape sculpture >texture carving > skin making > color painting > finished products
walking dinosaur puppet,dinosaur suit,dinosaur model puppet,dinsoaur model


2. Easy operation, walk, run, turn around!!

3. High lifelike shape and color!!

4. Detailed treatment for skin!!

5. Strong longlifespan!!

6. Inside ciruculation system , you will feel cool when wear it.

7. Sounds with month open sychronize automatically.

8. Multiple --point visible system , actor can see outside very easily!!

Pls contatc me to check many videos and pictures!!!

walking dinosaur puppet for shipment,dinosaur suit,life size dinosaur costume


24 months warranty after installation except artificial damage.

And a series of after-sales service to ensure you use at ease:

1. Maintenance(machinery & Skin&electric appliance).

2. Technical guidance.(long-distance technical guidance).

3. Provide fittings.

4. Provide the factory learning.

5. Post –maintenance.
walking dinosaur puppet show,dinosaur costume show,realistic dinsoaur suit

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Pls contact me to check many videos and pictures!!!


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