dinosaurio animatronic fábrica de vestuario

Robot dinosaurio Carnotaurus


Robot dinosaurio Carnotaurus

Modelo:dinosaurio robótico-19

Robot dinosaurio Carnotaurus


Robot Dinosaur Carnotaurus



Company Information


Zigong Chuangying Intelligent Techology Co., Ltd, was built in 2013. It will provide the design and manufacture of dinosaurs 


with the concept of customer firstwith Product quality certification system(ISO9001:2008, CE, BV,UL) for Guarantee, 
with  "quality gain survival,
 faith gain development" for our declaration.Dedicated to simulation dinosaur,fiberglass 
dinosaur, dinosaur skeletons, simulation animal, and cartoon exhibitss research and development, sales, and

 Robot Dinosaur Carnotaurus


Clients View:

Our products have been exporting to France,Sweden,Poland,Argentina,America,Russia,etc.

Three reasons of customers choose Chuangying:

1. We adopt high quality mental steel internal support steel  frame.

2. High quality motors and electrical components control the dinosaur exhibits action, to achieve the effect of durable flexible motion coordination.

3. Modern simulation principle is adopted to improve  the skin texture and color to achieve vivid, coordination.

 Robot Dinosaur Carnotaurus


Main materials & Work-flow:

Drawing -- Material preparation -- motor wiring -- sensor installing -- Frame welding -- Antiust
  processing -- Electrical applince adjusting  -- Backing laying (sponge) -- shape 
 --Texture caving -- skin making -- Color painting -- Finishied product 

 Robot Dinosaur Carnotaurus


Main mccessories:


 Robot Dinosaur Carnotaurus

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usage scenario:

1.Amusement park equipment, playground equipment, outdoor playground and indoor playground equipment

2.Science center,museum exhibits, theme park exhibits, education models, decoration equipments, model toys

3.Festival exhibits, and holiday equipment ,etc.


Robot Dinosaur Carnotaurus
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